Costume > Exposed: An Armory of Physical Longings

Exposed: An Armory of Physical Longings investigates the idea of body armor; an imaginary wardrobe that serves to protect and accommodate women in their body processes and their mental states. The corsets are uniforms that provide strength and empowerment, setting each woman apart from the rest of her environment; they send out an implicit message, indicating her state of being. She finds comfort and security in the idea of wearing them, because they speak of her desires and struggles. They seek beauty in her burdens.

The series references prototypes of the fashion industry; using the standard size 8 dress form to provide fit and form for each of the sewn pieces, along with the use of muslin to express the potential in their wearability. I also reference the historical use of trapunto in quilting and in body armor; commonly used techniques in European quilts and soft armor from the middle ages, that served to protect and comfort those in need.

The corsets are architectural facades that hint at their interior; architectural skins that prepare her for battle. They are the suspension cables that support and raise the fragile foundation; bridges that speak of the past and the present to guide the timeless conversation of womanhood.